The first edition of the FIFA Confederations Cup had a different format than the current one. With only four teams, the tournament was held in Saudi Arabia in 1992 and was called the King Fahd Cup. Saudi Arabia would also host the 1995 and 1997 editions. Only in 1999 would the Confederations Cup be held elsewhere, in Mexico.

The following editions started being played a year before the World Cup, always in the country that would host the tournament. It was like so in 2001 in Japan and South Korea, in 2005 in Germany and in 2009 in South Africa. The exception was 2003, when an edition of the competition was held in France. Brazil is the biggest winner, with three titles (1997, 2005 and 2009), followed by France (2001 and 2003). Argentina won the tournament in 1992, Denmark in 1995 and Mexico in 1999.

In 2013, the tournament will bring together teams that together have won the World Cup twelve times. Brazil has five titles, Italy four, Uruguay two and Spain one. In addition to them, Mexico, Nigeria, Japan and Tahiti are also taking part.

Host country: Saudi Arabia
Winner: Argentina

The competition was organised in a model that included a semi-final and a final in just one city: Riyadh. The draw established that the Ivory Coast would face Argentina, while the hosts played the United States. Saudi Arabia beat the United States 3-0, while the Argentinians cruised to an easy 4-0 win over the Ivory Coast. In the third place playoff, the United States beat the Ivory Coast 5-2. Argentina confirmed their favouritism beating the hosts 3-1 in the final.

Host country: 
Saudi Arabia
Winner: Denmark

In the tournament’s second edition in 1995, a new format was used and the number of teams increased: two groups with three teams. Denmark eliminated the Saudis and Mexico in Group A, while Argentina sent Nigeria and Japan home in Group B. Mexico finished third, beating Nigeria in the penalties in the third place playoff. In the final, Denmark beat Argentina 2-0.

Host country: Saudi Arabia
Winner: Brazil

The host country was the same as in the previous editions, but the Confederations Cup had eight teams and the format used today: two groups with four teams, the top two teams in each group face each other in the semi-finals and the final. Brazil took part in the tournament for the first time and won the title by thrashing Australia 6-0 in the final.

Host country: Mexico
Winner: Mexico

For the first time the Confederations Cup was not played in Saudi Arabia and the hosts Mexico, ended up winning the trophy. Even so, the Saudis surprisingly got to the semi-final. The hosts beat Saudi Arabia 5-1 in their first match, but the Saudis would react in the last match in the group, beating Egypt 5-1. The group still had Bolivia, which like the Egyptians, did not get through the group stage.

In the other group, Brazil beat Germany 4-0 in their first match. In the next match, they beat the United States 1-0 and in the last group game, a 2-0 victory over New Zealand.

In the semi-final, a North American derby between Mexico and the United States. The hosts won 1-0 with a golden goal by Blanco in extra-time. In the other match, Brazil took no notice of Saudi Arabia and beat them 8-2.  The United States ended the tournament in third, after beating the Saudis 2-0 in the third place playoff. In the final, a thrilling 4-3 Mexican victory over Brazil.

Host country: Japan and South Korea
Winner: France

The 2001 Confederations Cup was Brazil's third. World Cup winners in 1998, France once more beat Brazil. This time, the French beat the Brazilians 2-1 in the semi-final. In the final, France beat Japan 1-0 and won the title on foreign soil.

The semi-final match between Japan and Australia pitted two teams with no World Cup tradition against each other. The Japanese fared better and won 1-0. Australia would beat Brazil 1-0 in the third place playoff.

Host country: France
Winner: France

France would become the first team to win the Confederations cup twice. Playing at home, the French put their weak campaign in the 2002 World Cup behind them, when they were eliminated in the group stage, to lift the trophy by winning all of their five matches. For the first time in the history of the competition, an African team made it to the final.

Cheered on by the home fans, the French found their pace little by little, beating Colombia 1-0 in their first match in Group A, then a 2-1 win over Japan and 5-0 over new Zealand. In the semi-final, France beat Turkey 3-2, who had made it to the semi-final of the previous World Cup.

In Group B, Brazil ended up being eliminated in the group stage, their worst performance in the tournament. Colombia finished top of the group and Turkey, in second. Brazil lost to Cameroon 1-0 and beat the USA 1-0. However, they drew 2-2 with Turkey and were eliminated on goal difference.

In the semi-final between Cameroon and Colombia, a tragedy marred the match. Cameroon midfielder Marc-Vivien Foé died on the pitch after heart failure. The match was played until the end and Cameroon won 1-0. Colombia ended up with the fourth place, after losing 3-2 to Turkey.

Host country: Germany
Winner: Brazil

In the edition of the Confederations Cup held in Germany, Brazil put on a true exhibition in the knockout stage, which immediately made them favourites to win the World Cup the following year. They beat Argentina in a convincing manner in the final, winning 4-1 and with Ronaldinho, Adriano, Robinho and Kaka playing great football. The tournament also had good performances by the Argentinians, Mexicans and Germans.

In Group A, Argentina and Germany made it to their last match already qualified, and would just fight over who would top the group. The 2-2 draw meant Germany finished top of the group.

Brazil beat Euro Holder Greece 3-0 in their first match.  However, they lost their second match 1-0 to Mexico and would have only the last group stage match to guarantee their qualification.  They snatched the second place in the group on goal difference, after drawing 2-2 with Japan.

In the semi-final, Brazil had a thrilling match against the hosts, beating them 3-2.

In the other semi-final. After a goalless draw, which took the match into extra-time, which finished 1-1, Argentina only managed to beat Mexico on penalties (6-5). Germany would finish third beating the Mexicans 4-3 in extra-time. The match finished 3-3 in regular time.

Host country: 
South Africa

Brazil became the biggest winner of the Confederations cup in the edition hosted by South Africa. In the final, they finished the first half trailing 2-0 to the United States, but came back to win the title. But, the second half saw a thrilling performance by Brazil, scoring three goals and winning the tournament.

In Group A, the first African country to host the Confederations Cup and the World Cup the following year, South Africa tried to give their exciting fans something to watch. After a goalless draw in their first match against Iraq, the South Africans beat New Zealand 2-0 and despite losing 2-0 to Spain in the following match, managed to qualify second in the group. Spain finished first in the group winning all their matches, in addition to South Africa they beat New Zealand 5-0 and Iraq 1-0.

Brazil's 4-3 victory over Egypt in their first match proved to be more difficult than they expected. However, in their next two group matches, Brazil managed two 3-0 convincing wins, against the United States and Italy. The Americans finished second in the group.

In the semi-final, the United States was responsible for the biggest upset of the tournament when they beat favourites Spain 2-0. Brazil beat the hosts 1-0. In the third place playoff Spain beat South Africa 1-0 in extra-time, after a 2-2 draw in regular time.