Brazilian airports saw a flow of 16.7 million passengers during the World Cup

15/07/2014 - 15:43
Assessment shows that during the World Cup period airports had an average of five landings or take-offs per minute

During the World Cup, around 16.7 million passengers used airport services in Brazil. According to the assessment published this Monday (14.07) by President Dilma Rousseff and the Minister of Civil Aviation Moreira Franco, the new terminals received the seal of approval.

With total investment in the order of R$ 8.78 billion – more than the R$ 6.28 billion anticipated due to the bringing forward of private investments made, as a result of concession contracts -, Brazilian airports recorded significant improvements.

Passenger capacity per year reached 67 million, a 52% increase. Aircraft yards were increased in 1,360m², passenger terminals were increased in 350 thousand m² and 54 new boarding gates were built, in addition to 10,300 parking spaces. A total of 236 thousand landings and take-offs took place during the World Cup, an average of five per minute.

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“These are extremely significant figures. They smoothly translate the biggest investment ever made in the area of airport infrastructure in Brazil”, celebrated Moreira Franco during the press conference.

“In the same period last year, 15 million passengers went through airports in the country. We've experienced a 11.2% increase", praised the Minister of Civil Aviation.

On 6 July, Brazil broke the record of passengers in just one day, with 548 thousand, more than the 467 thousand recorded during the 2014 carnival. Guarulhos airport was the most used during the World Cup, with 3.81 million passengers coming through it. “Three airports in South Africa had a 2.6 million passenger flow”, compared Moreira Franco, referring to data from the 2010 tournament.

Positive figures

The Minister of Civil Aviation also pointed out three other data collected during the World Cup to show how successful airport operations were. Flight delay rates reached only 7.46%, lower than the European standard, which stands at 7.6% - according to Eurocontroal data - and the international standard, which is of 15%.

In addition, Moreira Franco mentioned the average X-ray inspection time, which was of 2:34 and average baggage reclaim time, which was of 8 minutes for domestic flights, and 28 minutes for international flights. 

“This provides new standards. If we were able to reach these standards, there is no reason why we can’t provide this level of services for Brazilians everyday", concluded the minister.

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