Manaus match breaks ratings records in Italy and England

21/06/2014 - 22:08
About 27 million viewers from both countries watched the match

The city of Manaus was the venue for the biggest television event of the year in England and Italy. The ratings peak for both countries this year was recorded on 14 June during the broadcast of the match between the two national teams at the Amazon Arena.

According to data released by FIFA this Friday (20 June), about 27 million viewers watched the match in these two countries alone, breaking all TV viewing records for Italy and England in 2014. While watching the match, these viewers also saw the Amazon Arena in detail and got to know more about the city of Manaus. The data released is based on ratings numbers from licensed stations that have broadcast rights.

"In England alone there were over 14 million viewers, with 12 million more in Italy. This confirms the reach of this mega event and the unique, historical opportunity it represents to promote tourism in Manaus," said Evandro Melo, coordinator of the World Cup Project Management Unit (UGP COPA).

The next match in the Amazon Arena, between the United States and Portugal (with Cristiano Ronaldo, currently considered the best player in the World), is also expected to hit record ratings. The North-Americans have shown the highest increase in ratings compared with the previous World Cup, according to FIFA.

For the entity, the TV-viewing numbers reveal football's dramatic growth in popularity in the United States, Canada and Australia.

“These record-breaking figures show just how popular football and the FIFA World Cup are across the world, from Japan to Argentina,” said Niclas Ericson, Director of FIFA TV.

» Italy beats England in match in Manaus

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Source: UGP Copa - Manaus

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