Tips for moving around in Belo Horizonte

Mobility plan for match days in Belo Horizonte (14, 17, 24 and 28 June, and 8 July)

Special bus – Terminais Copa

Around 400 buses will leave five Terminais Copa, including the Confins Airport, going direct to the Mineirão. The service to the stadium will start five hours before kick-off and will finish an hour before the matches. On the way back, buses will operate for up to two hours after the game.

Fans may purchase their tickets (R$ 15.00) at the Transfácil stands or at the service's bus stops on match days. At the Terminal Copa at the Confins Airport, the ticket will cost R$ 10.00 each way.

Location of Terminais Copa

Minas Shopping Centre
Rua dos Goitacazes (City Centre)
Av. Getúlio Vargas (Savassi)
Confins Airport

Transfácil Stands (sale of tickets in advance)
» Bairro Floresta - Rua Aquiles Lobo, 504
» Savassi - Rua Prof. Moraes, 216


Going to the Mineirão: fans may use the following bus lines 50 (Estação Pampulha/Centro/Direta); 51 (Estação Pampulha/Centro/Hospitais), and 52 (Estação Pampulha/Lagoinha).

Coming back from the Mineirão: towards the City Centre, fans may use the following bus lines 51 (Estação Pampulha/Centro/Hospitais), and for the Lagoinha region line 52 (Estação Pampulha/Lagoinha). Fans may be able to board both lines at the UFMG and Mineirão stations. Going north, fans may use the 51 and 52 bus lines, towards Pampulha station.

Regular buses

Fans may choose to use the regular public transport service to go to the Mineirão, using lines that go through the stadium’s region. They will be identified with stickers alluding to the Mineirão in the front windscreen. Lines’ routes may be checked at
Fare: R$ 2.85

People with reduced mobility

For fans with reduced mobility who get off at the Terminais Copa and the MOVE Mineirão station, a transport service to the stadium’s gate will be offered. This service will also operate after the game, leaving the stadium’s gates and taking passengers to the bus stops.

Metro system

On match days, the 19 metro stations will operate normally. Three Terminais Copa will be located near the following metro stations: Gameleira (Terminal Copa Expominas), Central (Terminal Copa Centro) and Minas Shopping (Terminal Copa Minas Shopping).

Fans coming to the FIFA Fan Fest will also be able to use the metro system. In this case, they should get off at the Gameleira station, near Expominas.

Fare: R$ 1.80 (single ticket)
Stations opening hours: 05:15am to 11 pm
Who can travel free of charge:  people over 65, who should go directly to the turnstile with an id.
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Route – Confins Airport/Mineirão

No conventional bus line does this route. Passengers have to take the Confins Airport - Pampulha Airport connection bus service, which leaves them around 2.5 km away from the stadium.

Route Confins Airport – Pampulha Airport – Belo Horizonte Bus Station
Conventional bus fare: R$ 9.50

Route Confins Airport – Belo Horizonte City Centre (Álvares Cabral Terminal)
Executive bus fare: R$ 21

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Taxi services will be billed as per the meter. In match days, passengers will be able to get off near the Mineirão at Avenida Otacílio Negrão de Lima (in front of the Tennis Club) and Avenida Carlos Luz (in front of Usiminas).

Approximate price from Confins Airport to the Mineirão Stadium: R$ 85.00

In Belo Horizonte, taxi meter starts on R$ 4.10
Rate 1: R$ 2.40
» Monday to Friday, from 06:00am to 10:00pm, Saturdays from 06:00am to 02:00pm
Rate 2: R$ 2.88
» Working days from 10:00pm to 06:00am; Saturdays from 02:00pm, Sundays and holidays
Hour waiting: R$ 23.40
Taxi fare to Confins Airport: on the meter, without a return fee


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