Tips for moving around in Brasilia

One of the features of the World Cup in Brasilia is how close the National Stadium is to the city centre and the Hotel sector, which will allow tourists to walk over to the venue.

Metro system

Closest station to the National Stadium: Central (around 2km away from the stadium)

Monday to Friday: R$ 3.00
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: R$ 2.00

Stations opening hours
Monday to Saturday from 06:00am to 11:30pm
Sundays and holidays from 07:00am to 07:00pm

Who can travel free of charge
Students, children up to five years of age and people over 65
* Birth certificates have to be presented for children and an id by people over 65. All you need to do is show the id to employees by the turnstiles

Further information:

Mobility plan for World Cup match days

Car parks will be available for private vehicles (18), tourism coaches (1), people with disabilities (1) and FIFA accredited press professionals (1) in the surrounding areas of the Mané Garrincha stadium. In addition, there will a restricted area for accredited vehicles. Seven roadways near the venue will be blocked off and all (except for the red areas) will be open to pedestrians.

A special bus service will operate from the 12 car parks in the City Park, as well as from the upper platform at the bus station and coach station. The bus stop is about 400 metres from the stadium, between the TV Tower and FUNARTE.

Fans choosing to park in the South and North Commercial Sectors, and the South and North Radio and Television Sectors should walk to the Mané Garrincha stadium. The ground is 1.8 km away from the bus station and the metro’s central station, thus, it is possible for fans to walk, cutting through the South and North Hotel Sectors and the beginning of the North and South wings.

Special lines for free

108.6 (Viação Piracicabana) – Bus Station (Rodoviária - Plano Piloto)/ Popular Shopping
109.7 (Viação Piracicabana) – Bus Station (Rodoviária - Plano Piloto)/Funarte
109.2 (TCB) – Circular Parque da Cidade

Special lines for R$ 2

0.102 – Aiport/Bus Station (Rodoviária - Plano Piloto)
108.8 – Rodoviária Interestadual/Rodoviária - Plano Piloto
0.104 – Hotels and Tourim Sector (Palácio da Alvorada)/ Bus Station (Rodoviária - Plano Piloto)
Executive line 0.113 – Airport/Hotel Sectors North and South

Reduced mobility

People with reduced mobility will have an exclusive car park put aside for them between W4 and W5 North, by Brasilia's Military School. An adapted bus service will be provided to take fans safely to the stadium's security perimeter for free,

Public transport

The bus station may be reached by metro or bus. The Brasilia metro system has the following stations: Ceilândia, Samambaia, Taguatinga, Águas Claras, Guará and Asa Sul. From the bus station, fans may walk or take the Rodoviária/Estádio circular bus line.


Approximate price from the Airport to Brasilia’s National Stadium: R$ 50.00

Meter starts at R$ 4.08

Rate 1: R$ 2.22
» Monday to Friday, from 06:00am to 08:00pm

Rate 2: R$ 2.82
» Working days from 08:00pm to 06:00am
» Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
» On trips to or from the airport
» On non-paved roads
» Where there are signs saying it is allowed
» When carrying three or more passengers on any day and time (except children under 7)

Hour waiting: R$ 24.70

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