Tips for moving around in Salvador


Route Airport/Fonte Nova Arena - Days without matches

Conventional Lines
Airport – Lapa
Fare: R$ 2.80
Hours of operation: 4h40 am to 12 am
Arrival: Estação da Lapa or Rótula dos Barris

Airoport - Praça da Sé
Fare: R$ 2,80
Hours of operatio: 5h20 am to 10 pm
Arrival: Estação da Lapa or Rótula dos Barris

Special lines on match days (13, 16, 20 and 24 June, and 1 and 5 July)

S1 – Shopping Barra
S2 – Ondina
S3 - "Rio Vermelho"
S4 – Salvador Norte Shopping / Airport-Arena Leste
S5 – "Jardim dos namorados"
S6 – Shopping Bela Vista
S7 – Iguatemi Shopping
S8 – Salvador Shopping
S9 –Shopping Barra (exclusive for people with disabilities and reduced mobility)
S10 – Airport - Sé Square (goes through the areas where the hotels are in the city)

Price: S1 to S9: R$15,  going and return / S10: R$28, going and return

Special lines will leave every five to ten minutes and start operating 4 hours before kick-off, finishing two hours after the final whistle. The exception is line S10, which will be in operation daily between 05 June and 10 July, leaving at every twenty minutes at the following times:

- Between 06:00am and 08:30pm on days when there are no matches
- Between 06:00am and 11:00pm on match days

Click here for more information on special lines

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Metro system

From 10 June, Salvador’s metro system starts to operate, with an express line leaving the Acesso Norte station to Campo da Pólvora. Operation hours have yet to be publicised by the state government. On match days, the metro will be opened only for bus passengers and vans accredited to transport fans with tickets.


Fans will also have five taxi stands available to them near the Fonte Nova Arena, located at Vale de Nazaré (in front of the Comercial Ramos sotre); on Avenida Mário Leal Ferreira (Bonocô) after the Pitangueiras Overpass, towards Aquidabã; on Avenida Vasco da Gama, in front of the Sammar Dealership; at Ladeira dos Galés a and Rua da Independência, on the exit to Avenida Joana Angélica (Campo Grande). Fans may also choose to get off at the beginning of Ogunjá and next to the Juscelino Kubitschek Overpass.

Approximate price from the Airport to the Fonte Nova Area: R$ 90.00

Taxi meter starts on R$ 4.00

Rate 1: R$ 2.04
» Monday to Friday, from 06:00am to 09:00pm
» Saturday, from 06:00am to 02:00pm
Rate 2: R$ 2.85
» Monday to Friday, from 09:00pm to 06:00am
» Saturdays from 02:00pm
» Sundays and holidays
* Rate 2 is used for three passengers or more, regardless of the time and day.

Hour waiting: R$ 20.35

Bike parking lot

An alternative aimed at encouraging cyclists to cycle to games. A free bicycle parking area with 600 spaces will be set up near the Ruy Barbosa Court. The place will provide safety and will be opened from 09 am to 08h30 pm. In addition, City Hall will reinforce stations part of Salvador 'Cycle' project


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